Is there nicotine in HealthVape products?

HealthVape products DO NOT CONTAIN any nicotine, tobacco, THC, or cannabinoids. Our mission is to help people kick harmful nicotine habits with a healthier alternative.

Are HealthVape products safe to use?

Here are just some of the steps we take to ensure that our products are safe:

  • We formulate our proprietary ingredients in an ISO certified and RoHS/SGS compliant laboratory.
  • HealthVape products do not contain diacetyl (the ingredient linked to "popcorn lung"), or acetyl propionyl. We DO NOT use cutting agents (like vitamin E acetate) emulsifiers, or any synthetic agents that alter our proprietary formulations.
  • Our devices are very low power, which means they don't burn or overheat the materials like many large devices can.
  • Our ingredients are to USP and/or food-grade standards.
  • Our hardware is made in ISO certified clean rooms and is RoHS, SGS and CE certified.

We encourage all of our valued customers to use compliant, tested products, as quality and safety are our top priorities. And as always we ask that you please consult with your physician so that you can make the best decision for you.

How does HealthVape work?

Each device contains a liquid vitamin concentrate that is warmed at a low temperature to create a breathable vapor. You activate the heating mechanism when you inhale, and then you breathe in the vitamin-infused vapor.

The heating of the liquid concentrate is set at an optimal temperature, producing vitamin-infused vapor that is inhaled and then absorbed through the mucus membranes in your mouth, nose and throat.

How fast will I absorb the benefits of HealthVape?

The absorption rate is almost immediate since you inhale the beneficial vapor through our device. The ingredients do not have to be absorbed through your digestive tract as with traditional vitamins or liquid drinkable supplements. So in other words, it’s much faster than a smoothie!

Are there age restrictions for purchasing HealthVape?

HealthVape inhalers are not intended for persons under 18 years of age. While our products are completely safe to use, we do not wish to encourage the hand-to-mouth habit that may lead to unhealthy habits, like smoking.

What temperature does the HealthVape heat the vitamin liquid to?

The device warms the liquid to about 248°F or 120°C.

How long should my HealthVape last?

It depends on the user because everyone inhales the mist in a different way. Each disposable device should last between 450-500 inhalations. We recommend you take no more than 20 inhalations per hour. If you use it correctly, it’s ideally going to last 1-3 weeks. If you use it less often, depending on the variety you choose, it may last longer. The SOOTHE, when used only nightly before bed can last up to a month.

How will I know when my HealthVape is fully used?

The indicator light will flash 3 times, and the device will not produce any more vapor. Be sure you have your next one ready to go so you'll never run out!

Can I recharge the disposable inhalers?

We made the disposable inhalers with the goal in mind of not having to recharge them. Just buy a new one when it’s empty. The “go anywhere” lifestyle is the whole point of HealthVape.

Any warnings about HealthVape use?

Don’t leave it in a hot area, like your car when it’s over 25 degrees Celsius.

Can I travel with my HealthVape?

Of course, this is the best part of HealthVape. Pursue a healthy lifestyle and all your wanderlust while taking your vitamin inhaler with you. Put it in your carry-on, it’s that easy. But don’t use it on the plane. The airlines don’t like that!

Are HealthVape ingredients Kosher or Halal?

Yes, our ingredients are Kosher and Halal and contain no dairy or any animal products at all. While they are not certified Kosher or Halal, our ingredients are made in an SGS-ISO certified cleanroom.

I’ve seen other brands say you should not fully inhale the vapor produced by their ‘essential oil diffuser’ vapes. Is it safe to inhale the vapor from HealthVape products?

HealthVape products contain no harmful ingredients and no fillers like vitamin E acetate, no diacetyl, no diketones, and no acetyl propionyl and acetoin. Our vitamin-infused concentrates are delivered through an oil-free, water-soluble carrier base made up of organic vegetable glycerin (VG) which is a vegetable-based liquid and propylene glycol (PG) which is commonly used to carry flavor in food products.

HealthVape inhalers are NOT marketed as "essential oil diffusers" and our carrier liquid does not contain any oils.

Is propylene glycol safe to inhale?

We use GRAS, ISO certified ingredients to ensure your safety. The propylene glycol ingredient has been used in food and consumable items for over 50 years, and it is GRAS approved by the FDA. Various studies have been conducted which have shown that "...PG does not appear to pose a significant hazard via inhalation of either the vapor or a vapor/aerosol mixture. In addition, this study also supports previous studies indicating that propylene glycol is not a systemic toxin when administered by inhalation or by other routes."

HealthVape devices warm the organic vegetable glycerin and glycol in the water-soluble base at a low temperature to maintain the integrity of the vitamins and supplements.

Due to its density, a carrier base that is 100% VG is very thick and heavy and difficult to inhale and exhale effectively. This is why we use a VG/PG blend which is more enjoyable.

Where do you ship?

As of right now, we ship to UAE, Saudi, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, and Israel.

Is the packaging discreet?

Yes. We ship all orders in plain boxes and bags with non-descriptive return address information.

Can I track my order?

Yes! We’ll send you a notice once your order is completed and your HealthVape is on the way. When checking out, you'll enter your email to receive tracking information. If you do not receive this information in a timely manner, please email us at [email protected] and we’ll make you our top priority.

How long will my order take to arrive?

Orders are processed within 1-2 business days; orders received before 04:00 PM GST will usually be shipped that business day if it is from the UAE - note that this processing period is NOT accounted for in the estimated shipping time.

International orders will take longer, typically 1-2 weeks in most cases. We recommend ordering from an international distributor if possible.

This all sounds great, but what if I'm just not happy with my purchase?

We aren't happy if you're not happy, so if you are unsatisfied with your HealthVape experience, simply let us know (email is the best way) within 30 days of your order. Depending on the circumstance, we can issue a refund or replacement if applicable. This is a big deal - most copycat vitamin vape brands popping up do not offer refunds if you've opened the box, and even if you have not opened the box, you are still charged a restocking fee, and the return period is usually only 15 days.